Monday, October 29, 2012

When Mr. Nervous is away, the Nervous Cook will play… with everything he dislikes (but begrudgingly eats when I serve them to him). You know, like beets. And tofu. Which make up about 80% of this dish: The other 20% is onion, garlic, and dill mustard.

But it's 100% delicious.

(For the record, Mr. Nervous does like Brussels sprouts, which are the base of this thing, though he prefers them roasted to shaved.)

No recipe today, just a suggestion: Sliced and boiled beets, onion slices, firm tofu sliced and marinated in a mixture of beet juice / mustard / vinegar. Season with salt / pepper / poppy seeds.


  1. Oh,


    I was raised on beets. I think if they're introduced early in a child's diet, that the glorious pink color will draw them in.

    I had them with cabbage, diced in salads, boiled as a side dish.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion. It seems a great way to try out beets.


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