Monday, January 7, 2013

Resolved, not resigned

I don't really make food resolutions anymore. I mean, what's left to resolve? I don't really eat sugar or fried food or meat—not because I some magazine told me it was a sure-fire way to lose weight, but because I believe in eating clean, mostly plant-based whole foods made and enjoyed at home. I don't drink soda, I don't binge (anymore), and I have even cut way down on salt in the past few years. (I KNOW!)

Carrot-applesauce bread: Vegan, no oil, no sugar, blah blah blah—whatever, it's delicious.

But that doesn't mean I'm resigned, or complacent, or unadventurous. I love trying new things, winging it through adaptations of recipes, attempting new techniques, tasting things I've never considered before.

Homemade apple chips—the greatest thing to happen over here in a long damed time.

I'm not worried about what other people think about the way I eat, and I'm not worried about eating whatever I want. I'm not scared of eating in restaurants anymore, or eating "too much" in front of my colleagues. Even as I currently face the doomsday of foot surgery (this Friday) and know I'll be knocked off my exercise routine for upwards of two months, I feel okay.

I'm resolved to treat myself with respect and love and nutrition all the time, in sickness and in health. And that's how I plan to eat my way through 2013.

Hope yours is as delicious as mine.

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