Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When you can't stand long enough to cook

Hello, friends. It's me, I'm still here: Just standing on one foot like a short flamingo. (It's really hard to make espresso coffees while standing on one foot, for the record.)

By all reports (meaning, by my doctor's reports) the corrective surgery I underwent last Friday was and is a success, but I have to wait fully another week (!!) before I can even take a peek at it. When your doctor's last name is "Rock," though, you at least feel a little confidence in their professional opinion. I mean, really.

In any event, I'm still cooking (and still eating, hooray hooray), but blogging has been back-burnered a bit while I focus on getting everything else around me to settle down for a second. I am hoping to come back to The Nervous Cook in full force in the next few weeks, though: This little space has been a sadly neglected part of my life lately, and if I love it (and I do), I need to start paying it summore attention, naw'mean?

Hope you're all standing strong (and running and jumping and walking faster than 1mph), and I'll be seein' you very soon.

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  1. Glad to hear, er read, that surgery went well. No rush, we will be waiting till you get around to doing more cooking.


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