Confident Eater: Food & Travels

Things near and far that I've eaten with confidence

Noodles with fried garlic, ginger and goji berries: Taipei, Taiwan
001 Peanut-paste-filled coconut mochi: Chinatown, NYC
002 Sample cheese: Whole Foods, NYC
003 Barista competition signature beverage by Katie Carguilo
004 Takeout bibimbap: Chelsea, NYC
005 Pop from Pops: Oklahoma City, OK
006 Currant scones: Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
007 Dessert dumplings: Taipei, Taiwan
008 Bagels: Chelsea, NYC
009 Fruit cup: Wall, NJ
010 Farmers' market peach: Union Square, NYC
011 Smoked-turkey sandwich: Durham, NC
012 Gallo pinto: San Ramón, Nicaragua
013 Tiramisu: New York, NYC
014 Ethiopian food: Oklahoma City, OK